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Change the face of your local economy with Colu. Issue local currency and boost your community’s economic activity. Be a stakeholder in a new model of shared prosperity.

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We are building a decentralized financial network, using transparent open-source code The result is a financial system which is fair and equitable - A platform to build the future together.
Where you live, where you work, where you shop. Cities are more than concrete buildings, they are part of our identity. They form the invisible ties that bind us together as a community. They give us a common economic interest and a shared stake in our quality of life.
We are building a better economic ecosystem. Colu’s CLN community currency provides a network which eliminates the need for a central authority, instead placing you in control. It creates an alignment of interests between all stakeholders, an alternative financial model that levels the playing field.
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A Network of Communities
Colu has been working to change the world economy through the blockchain since 2012. How? By creating a new financial model that levels the playing field; by turning financial transactions into new sources of wealth for the community; and by combining an open payment network with a crypto-based local community currency. Yes, it’s mind blowing, but no, it’s not as futuristic or far-fetched as it sounds.

Let’s Build The Future of Local Finance Together


Use Colu’s digital wallet app to buy locally and fuel your community’s economy. It’s an easy and convenient way to pay, while boosting local businesses.


Use Colu to accept payments from your customers and open the door to an economic ecosystem which benefits everyone.


Bring Colu to your city by issuing a community currency. In doing so, you will create a network on which the local economy can thrive.

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A payment solution and a smart incentive network powered by community currencies. Colu's digital wallet app has more than 150,000 customers and over 1500 businesses, and is available in four communities in England and Israel.
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